Beauty and the Duke
On Shelves July 28th, 2009
Mystical Bliss Series
Once, ten years ago, they were young lovers
sharing sinful touches and desperate ecstasy.
But he was bound to another. Since that fateful
time, Christine Sommers has grown into a
headstrong beauty, the kind of woman who
thinks nothing of daring travels to the ends of
the world. But for all her achievements,
Christine has never found anyone who makes
her heart race the way Erik Boughton did.

Since that fateful time, Erik Boughton, the
Duke of Sedgwick, has become something of
a beast, at least according to the gossips of
ton. They say he is cursed, that any woman
who shares his bed will meet an untimely end.
But when he comes to Christine, desperate for
her help to preserve his family and his title, she
does not fear the devil duke. Enthralled by his
ravenous desire, she would give him anything
he wished even her body ... and her heart.
The face he shows to the world
is not the face she sees ...
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Claimed By A Scottish Lord
~~Scotland has never been so hot!

The Dragon’s Captive

Raised as an orphan behind the walls of Hope Abbey, Rose Lancaster’s sheltered
upbringing never prepared her for a man like Lord Roxburghe. The fabled “Black
Dragon,” Ruark Kerr hasn’t been seen in his Scottish homeland for more than a
decade—and now he has burst into Rose’s protected world to take her hostage,
intending to trade her life for the life of his young brother. But Rose does not fear
this savage, powerful lord…and she guards a dangerous secret.

Villainy called Ruark back to the borderlands, but now that he’s claimed his “prize”
his path is less certain. If he does not turn her over to his enemy, a boy may die. Yet
gentle, lovely Rose soothes his vengeful spirit, and the longer she remains by him,
the hotter his passion for her burns.
FIVE Heart Review
Please do yourself a favor and pick up a copy
of this stunning tale.  --Amy Wroblewsky
Romance Reader    
Ms. Thomas delves into paleontology, lost love,
murder and a mysterious ring with magical
qualities. Readers will add another Melody
Thomas novel to their keeper shelf. ~~Suan
Fresh Fiction Reviews
Thomas brings a powerful duo into a tale with a unique backdrop,
brilliantly combining a dinosaur hunt, a murder mystery and a
love story. Each holds its own allure, and together they create a
memorable addition to the mystical bliss series.~~Kathe Robin,
Romantic Times Bookclub

The attraction between Rose and Ruark simmers with sensuality like magic in the
air around them. Their desire for each other is tangible and their emotions easy
to read. Claimed by a Scottish Lord is an enchanting and timeless tale where a
perfect love is found in the depths insurmountable odds.  
Joyfully Reviewed

Melody Thomas’s command of the Scottish Highlands, its people and traditions
shines through in this novel packed with passion, clashing clans and a touch of
Arthurian magic. Readers will thoroughly enjoy the complex characters and rich
plot that makes Claimed by a Scottish Lord a compelling read that is as fulfilling
as it is satisfying.
~ Helena~~The Season
If you could make one wish what would it be?
This is a warm Georgian Era romance with a wee touch of Arthurian
fantasy. The lead couple is a wonderful pairing of beloved enemies
while her father is his and his clan’s biggest adversary. Fast-paced
throughout, fans will enjoy this straightforward by the book
eighteenth century borders romance as the captor wonders just
who is the captive.
Harriet Klausner
Melody Thomas is fast becoming my go-to author for sober,
emotional historical romances. Ms. Thomas tells a good story
and tells it well. ~~-- J
ean Wan ~~All About Romance
Rose and Ruark are larger than life characters and even I was a little in love with Ruark by the story’s end...the
action scenes and love story make this an exceptionally good read.

Reviewer for Coffee Time Romance & More