This Perfect Kiss
Melody Thomas
This Perfect Kiss
June 28, 2011

ISBN-10: 0061898767
ISBN-13: 978-0061898761

It was the moment she had been dreaming of: a stolen kiss at a masquerade
ball with the dashing Camden St. Giles. He may not have known who she
was, but Christel would never forget . . .
Nine years have passed since that magical evening. Now Camden, the
seventh earl of Carrick, is widowed with a young daughter, a man with a
heart in need of healing. And Christel has just stolen onboard his ship
bound for Scotland. Neither has forgotten the kiss that had set their hearts
ablaze. The longer she remains with him, the hotter his desire burns. But as
they grasp their second chance at love, will the secrets from his past
threaten to destroy the one love true enough to free his tormented heart?

Melody Thomas brings breathtaking new life to a classic fairy tale in This
Perfect Kiss. A poignant, passion-filled Cinderella story unfolding in the
Highlands of Scotland, Thomas’s Kiss tells the heart-soaring tale of a
haunted “Prince Charming” reunited with the mysterious woman who
enchanted him with a kiss at a masquerade ball years earlier. Every reader
who misses the lush romance of the emotion-rich historicals of Judith
McNaught and Kathleen E. Woodiwiss—and current fans of the work of
historical romance superstar Stephanie Laurens—will be thrilled to discover
a new favorite in Melody Thomas.

News: Great news! This Perfect Kiss has been picked up by Walmart for a
special larger book format print run in addition to regular mass market. I'm
also really excited that Rhapsody/Doubleday Bookclub has also picked up
the book this year as well for their summer releases. RT gave the book a
great review!!!

This Perfect Kiss is an exciting Georgian romance filled with betrayal,
twists and spins. The key support cast is fully developed but it is the lead
couple who makes the tale entertaining as each has lost their mate in
some ways to the recent colonial revolt, but has each other if they can
trust their heart. Melody Thomas provides an engaging historical second
chance at love
~~Genre Go Round Reviews, has great characters, tension, and suspense. I thought all the
different intertwined relationships played out well and were resolved quite
nicely. This was my first Melody Thomas book and I will definitely be
reading more of her work as her writing was excellent. ~~
Under the Covers
...this was a sweet historical romance that had me itching for more every
time I opened up the book. I’m certainly glad that I read this book and can’t
wait for more from this author~~
Rowena, Book Binge
Nothing is what it seems in This Perfect Kiss.  Melody Thomas has delivered a book that is
jam-packed with plot threads, intrigue, and romance. ~~
Joyfully Reviewed